Jamunapari Female
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Jamunapari Female

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Jamunapari Goat is excellent dairy goats when compared to the other goat breeds.

When it comes to coat color these goats  are in white, black yellow, brown or various mixed colors

The typical character of Jamunapari goat is a highly convex nose line with a tuft of hair known as Roman nose or parrot mouth appearance. Generally, the ears of the breed are very long flat and dropping.


Jamunapari goats are raised for both milk and meat. However, they are popularly known as dairy goats. They are well suited for commercial dairy and meat farming. Goat farmers can multiply these goats in a short period of time as they can give birth to twins or triplets.

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  • Jamunapari goat breed is the native goat breed of Etawa district of Uttar Pradesh.
  • This breed is raised for the meat and milk production as well.
  • Jamunapari breed is also called as dairy goat breed.
  • Jamunapari goats are generally large animals with curved nose similar to parrot mouth appearance also know as Roman nose.
  • It is found in different color variation but usually it is found in white color with small dark patches on head and neck.
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