“It is possible to fail in many ways while to succeed is possible only in one way and that’s the Hard-work. Even before you work smarter you need to work hard”Subhash Baira/CEO

Yes, Hard work is the only gateway to the success and is practically proven by Mr.Subhash Baira, His brain child the “M/s. VISHWA AGRO TECH.” M/s. Vishwa Tej sheep farms a wing of an Vishwa Agro tech which is situated in Rampur Village is just 2km from NH-44 about 150+ Km from Hyderabad,Telangana of southern India, is now the Successful sheep and goat farm.

Agriculture accounts for about 18 per cent of GDP of India and about two-thirds of the population is dependent on the sector. The importance of developing this sector is reinforced by the unique role of Indian agriculture in the macroeconomic framework and its role in poverty alleviation, Taking a cue from this information and after observing the current scenario, Mr. Subhash baira has come up with the innovative approach for the professionally stall breeding of livestock and that’s the “M/s. VISHWA AGRO TECH.”

“M/s. VISHWA AGRO TECH.”, started off uncharacteristically, spanke many businesses founded on a flash of an idea and a strong bespanef supporting it. With the desire to make a change in the sheep and goat farming through a highly professional techniques, past 3 years back, “At that point of time, there was no business model as such, It was just a PowerPoint presentation used for pitching the idea,” He followed his heart and soul and There has been no looking back since.

Mr. Baira defines Success through a series of implementation of the following:

Perfect Planning​

 Time and people management

 Proper control over resources

 Ethical values

 Top quaspanty despanvery

 Slow and Steady win the Race

 Live and let others live